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The Quesnel Museum

There is always plenty to discover at the Quesnel Museum. Learn the secrets of "Mandy, the Haunted Doll." Listen to the stories of Chinese and First Nations Elders or visit a Sikh temple through interactive video installations. Meet the residents of early twentieth century Quesnel through the remarkable photographs of C.D. Hoy and C.S. Wing. Dress up in the children's activity centre or participate in a scavenger hunt. Click here to view our upcoming special events and programs.

Favourite exhibits include the Titanic, Footprints in Stone, dedicated to local First Nations culture, and vignettes recreating Quesnel's pioneer homes and businesses. From rare Chinese artifacts used during the gold rush era, to ephemera that will evoke childhood memories, the extensive collections are sure to appeal to all ages and interests. Come and see why the Quesnel Museum has been proclaimed one of BC's top 10 community museums.

Featured Photo of the month

Northern Crown Bank, 1910-1918

The Bank of British Columbia opened in the townsite of Quesnelle in 1864 and closed in 1866, leaving residents without this service.  The nearest bank at the time was in Ashcroft, many days travel south.  Therefore, those who could afford to purchased a home safe.

The Northern Crown Bank opened in the Occidental South Annex next to the John A. Fraser store on Front Street in July, 1909.  The branch was moved into a new building constructed by John Strand on the south side of the T. Marion store on Front Street in October, 1910.  It was saved from destruction in the fire of 1916 and continued operating at this location until the bank’s assets were acquired by the Royal Bank in 1918.

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