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There is always plenty to discover at the Quesnel Museum. Learn the secrets of "Mandy, the Haunted Doll." Listen to the stories of Chinese and First Nations Elders or visit a Sikh temple through interactive video installations. Meet the residents of early twentieth century Quesnel through the remarkable photographs of C.D. Hoy and C.S. Wing. Dress up in the children's activity centre or participate in a scavenger hunt. Click here to view our upcoming special events and programs.

Favourite exhibits include the Titanic, Footprints in Stone, dedicated to local First Nations culture, and vignettes recreating Quesnel's pioneer homes and businesses. From rare Chinese artifacts used during the gold rush era, to ephemera that will evoke childhood memories, the extensive collections are sure to appeal to all ages and interests. Come and see why the Quesnel Museum has been proclaimed one of BC's top 10 community museums.

Featured Photo of the month

Quesnel High School Rugby Team, October, 1934

On Saturday, October 13, 1934 the Quesnel Rugby Team went up against their rivals, Prince George High, for the second time that season.   Surprisingly, Quesnel slaughtered their opponents 26-5, when the week before Prince George had defeated Quesnel 23-10. 

And that had been the best performance by our boys in years due to Prince George’s heavy players.  So, what happened?  It was speculated to be Ted Baynes’s splendid coaching, or that Prince George was missing two of their best and heaviest tacklers, and had a third out with a sore wrist. 

Whatever the reason, highlights included Lloyd Pierce, who played a brilliant game at full-back, scoring three touchdowns for Quesnel, and proving to be the best tackler of the game;  Felix Healy, who threw accurate forward passes that gained many yards for Quesnel; and John Healy, who intercepted a critical lateral pass on the Prince George 15 yard line.  

Playing for Quesnel were Reuben and John Wilcox, Dick Winder, Lloyd Pierce (seen second from left standing), Gerald Lunn, John Healy, Herb Gardner, John Dowie and Rod Grierson, with Norman Hilborn and Felix Healy in the backfield and Tony Magnuson at quarter.

P2008.18.24 Beth Trask (nee Pierce) Collection