Research Fees and Services

All material must be used in the archives. Researchers must agree to adhere to the Rules of the Archives before he/she will be provided with access to the material.

Research in Person

Researchers are charged the regular museum admission fee for self directed research. Staff will provide up to 1⁄2 hour of assistance without charge. If more time than this is required, staff time will be charged at $25 per hour and fees will be pro rated to the nearest 1⁄4 hour.

External Researchers

Staff welcome research inquiries received by telephone or email. There is no charge, if the information is readily available. If staff must dedicate more than twenty minutes to fulfill a request, researchers will be charged $25 per hour (pro rated to the nearest 1⁄4 hour). External researchers must pay in advance by cheque or by Visa or Mastercard. We recommend that researchers approve an hour or two of research. Staff can generally survey the collection and advise what material is available and estimate costs for reproduction in that time.


All fees except for self serve research do not include taxes and have GST added.

Research fee (self serve) $5.00
Staff assisted or commissioned research $25/hr
Photocopying/microfilm printing $ .50/copy
Photographic reproductions (size 4 x 6) $4.75 per image
Photographic reproductions (size 8x10) $9.50 per image
Digital Images emailed or mailed on a CD $4.75 per image

Use of images for commercial purposes or publications
(One fee per project/publication, covers 1 or more images)

Laminating or encapsulation (in mylar) $5.00/metre

Shipping and Handling

(Researchers will be charged the actual shipping costs if postage exceeds the above rates)
$2.50 standard envelope
$5.00 CD/photographs