Fonds List

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Alexander MacKenzie Heritage Trail Association

Business records relating to the management and development of the trail, correspondence, minutes, advertising materials, newspaper clippings, financial records.

c. 1975 - c. 1993. 77.5 cm textual records.

Alexandria School

School attendance records.

c. 1912 – 1919. 5 cm textual records.

Allcock Family

Photographs, a memoir written by Ernest H. (Bert) Allcock "Through the Years 1887-1981," financial records and newspaper clippings related to Allcock's road construction activities, a scrapbook of the Stathnaver School 50th Anniversary and miscellaneous material including voting lists.

c. 1915- c. 1980. 5 cm textual records 743 photographs.

Baker Family

Correspondence relating to the family of Marvin Perlie Elmore and Auguste Boulanger/Baker (1881-1918), a manuscript written by Vera Baker Currie on the Baker Family History, assessment records and Auguste Baker's booklet documenting the passengers crossing the Fraser River at Quesnel.

1867-1978. 5 cm textual records.

Baker, G.R. Hospital Auxiliary

Correspondence (1942) and Accounts Payable (1947-1949).

2 cm of textual records.

Big Bonanza Mining Company

Minutes and financial records of the gold mining company.

1877-1897. 12 cm textual records.


Personal and business records of James Madison Bohanon, his brother Samuel Hall Bohanon, Flora Minetta Fuller (née Guy) and Clarence Melville Fuller who inherited the Bohanon House in Quesnel. The family's primary business was the operation of a ranch/mixed farm in the Kersley area which was sold in 1898. The records also include material pertaining to the Omenica Gold Rush, 1870-71, the mining and fur trading records of Clarence Fuller (1932 – 1973) and his military records with the Royal Canadian Air Force (1917-1919).

1859-1973. 1 m. textual records.

Bouchie Lake Women's Institute

Financial records, minutes, membership lists, annual reports and a scrap book.

1946-1969, 1975. 6 cm textual records, 84 photographs.

Boyd, John & Family

Business records pertaining to the Cox, Wade and Moorland Ranch and the Coldspring and Cottonwood Road Houses (1863- 1953), exhibition and financial records of the Cariboo Agricultural and Historical Association (1912- 1953), Mining Records including the Big Bonanza Mining Company(1880 -1947), personal correspondence and financial records. Includes assessment, tax and estate records pertaining to the Nam Sing Ranch and correspondence from Willie Bowron Mining office.

1862- 1953. 4.3 meters, textural records, photographs, maps.

British Columbia Assessment Authority Records, the Cariboo Assessment Office, Quesnel Sub Office

Crown grant land titles, certificates of purchase, registration of changes, assessed values of properties & tax rolls.

1929-1977. 146 cm of textual records.

Cariboo Farmers' Co-operative

Financial records, Quality reports and a route report pertaining to the operation of a creamery.

1929- 1952. 77 cm of textual records.

Cariboo Historical Society, Quesnel Branch

Constitution & by laws, minutes, membership,financial records and information about projects supported by the society.

1951-1981. 50 cm textual records 79 photographs, 1 map.

Cariboo Hotel

Guest register.

1965-1972. 5 cm textual records.

Cariboo Junior Secondary School

Financial records and year book.

c. 1977-1979. 13.5 cm textural records.

Carson Family

Personal & business correspondence, mining certificates, photographs and ephemera of Alfred Karlsson/ Carson, his wife Mary Ann (née Boyd) and their children.

1892-1934. 4 cm of textual records.

Carson, Verna

Manuscripts, aural tapes and photographs containing an account of growing up in the Bouchie Lake area in the 1910s-1920s. Verna's maiden name was Vernon.

1914-1980s. 5 cm textual records 28 photographs, 5 tapes.

Chinese Textual Records Collection

Correspondence, Accounts payable and receivable of various members of the Chinese Community in the Quesnel area.

1902-1923 2 cm of textual records.

Cockin, William & Family

Cattle branding records and correspondence, immigration, school, Assurance and forestry records.

1904 – 1942. 4 cm textual records.

Dixon, Helen

Day book, lesson notes and teaching materials.

c. 1955- c. 1960. 8cm of textual records.

Earley, Alice

Photographs, correspondence, 2 teaching certificates, an fire insurance policy and miscellaneous ephemera Alice Northcott was one of the first teachers in Quesnel. She married John Edwards Bowron and Otis Earley.

1884-1956. 3 cm textual records and 160 photographs.


William Thomas (Bill) Ewing ran butcher shops and during the 1920s and built the Quesnel Hotel. Accounts receivable and payable.

1925-1926. 10 cm of textual records.

Fleming, John

Correspondence, mining records and miscellaneous records.

1881-1896. 2 cm textual records.

Fraser, John A. Company Limited

Business records.

1925-1957. 1 meter of textual records.

Gardner H.J.

Records of the Store in Stanley and the Van Winkle Post Office (1905-1918), Coroner records for the Barkerville area (1912-1928).

63 cm textual records.

Holt, John

Correspondence and certificates relating to his role as Justice of the Peace, Stipendiary Magistrate and Judge for Juvenile Court.

1907-1943 6 pgs.

Homan, Dora

Diary, correspondence, miscellaneous personal papers and business records.

1909-1959. 20 cm textual records.

Homan and Stanton

Financial records of Stan – Hom Lodge (1920-1925), British American Hotel (1925-1928), tax, insurance and investment records, personal correspondence. 1914-1948.

20 cm of textual records.

Hudson's Bay Company

Goods shipped to Quesnel 1904-1908.

1 ledger 350 pp.

Immigration and Colonization

Applications for citizenship and related correspondence by Alfred Vaughan on behalf of Chinese residents living in the Quesnel area. 1923-1930.

3 cm of textual records, 2 photographs.

Johnson Carl Emil Family

Newspapers, correspondence, ephemera. 1887-1958.

4 cm of textual records 4 photographs.

Kersley Boy Scouts

Notebooks, troop records, log books, receipts, and scouts assignments (1955-70) Pamphlets and news letters from the BC and Yukon Scouting Association. Includes the Scout Diary (1928) of Ernest K Edwards , who served as Scout leader from 1952-1972. 1928, 1954-1972.

19 cm textual records..

Kersley Farmers' Institute

Minutes, correspondence, financial records, year books includes some provincial material.

1928-1990. 26 cm of textual records. (See also Ernest K Edwards fond).

McLeese, Robert

Ledger of passengers and freight delivered by Express (1871-2), business letters (1873-79).

1 ledger 118 pp.

Milburn Lake Social Club

Minutes, financial and incorporation records. 1958-1987.

18 cm of textual records.

Miss Quesnel Self Development Society

Records pertaining to the Miss Quesnel Pageant (1956-2004) and administration of the society.

1.35 m textual records, 758 photographs, 3 aural cassette tapes, 6 video tapes 15 floppy discs.

Narcosli Women's Institute

Minute book, cash book and by-laws. 1964-1966.

1 cm textual records.

Quesnel 2000 BC Winter Games

Minutes, financial records, volunteer information, Legacy Awards, 1998-2000.

1.8 m of textual records, 1 photograph and 34 negatives.

Quesnel Athletic Club

Minute book.

1931-1947. 2 cm textual records.

Quesnel Board of School Trustees

Correspondence regarding the construction of a new school in Quesnel 1936-7and Board expenses (cheque books).

1936-1957. 8.5 cm textual records.

Quesnel, City of

Administrative records 1962- 2001, concentrated on the 1984-1992 period.

14 m 23 cm of textual material and multi- media recordings.

Quesnel Hotel

Guest register.


Quesnel View Women's Institute

Membership, minute and cash books, 7 scrap books, correspondence.

1951-1996. 34 cm textual material, 89 photographs.

Quesnel, Village & Township

Administration, building inspection, bylaw enforcement, election, fire department, personnel, planning, public works, treasury and welfare records.

1928-1963. 2 m, 33 cm textual and cartographic records.

Stanley Hotel

3 Daybooks 1880-1883 includes minutes and accounts of the Perseverance Mining Company, Lightning Creek and entries for John Boyd's Cottonwood House (1890- 91)

Steadman Quartz Mining Company

Ledger with shareholder lists, accounts company policies and minutes.


Venture Mining Company

Ledger with records of work, expenses and payments to claim holders and hired labour.


Wilson, Albert J.

Personal and business records of Wilson who farmed with Edwin Steere near Quesnel. Includes material relating to Wilson's artistic and literary interests.

1897-1964. 8 cm textual records.

Wintrip, Edward

2 ledgers with accounts for Wintrip's blacksmith business on Williams Creek. Most customers are mining companies 1872-1897.

5 cm textual records.

Women's Auxiliary to the British Empire Service League, Branch 94

Correspondence, primarily letters of thanks from Canadian Service men and women for parcels and letters received from the auxiliary. Also administrative and fundraising letters.

1939-1951. 27 cm textual records (approximately 600 letters) Indexed finding aid.