Titanic artifacts and old furniture

This vanity set was given to Mary Hélène Jane Baxter , the daughter of a wealthy Montreal Merchant, for Christmas in 1898. By 1912 "Suzette," as she was known, was 27 and married to Frederick Douglas, a doctor. She was traveling first class on board the Titanic with her mother and her brother. "Zette" and her mother shared cabin B58 and her bother, Quigg Edmund Baxter, was next door in B60. When the Titanic struck an iceburg, "Suzette" Douglas and her mother Hélène Baxter were among the survivors, rescued by the Carpathia. Her younger brother died. "Zette" subsequently was stricken by polio, and after her mother died, she escaped an unhappy marriage. The vanity set was given to a daughter of a family friend and she eventually moved to Quesnel. It is now the centerpiece of a small exhibit dedicated to the Titanic.