C.D. Hoy Gallery

C.D Hoy in his general store
C.D. Hoy self-portrait his store.             P1906 Courtesy Barkerville Historic Town

Chow Dong Hoy was a talented photographer who took portraits in Barkerville and Quesnel, beginning in 1909.  Soon after opening a general store in Quesnel, he concentrated on developing his business, although he continued to round up his growing family to pose for portraits.  The C.D. Hoy Gallery displays a selection of his portraits along with some of the personal items donated by the Hoy family.  You can also enjoy the short video stories of Quesnel's Chinese Community.

3 First Nations cowboys in front of Hoy store
P2025 Courtesy Barkerville Historic Town

Joe and Baptise Elkin with Willie Long Jimmie in front of C.D. Hoy's General Store

Both C.S. Wing and C.D. Hoy drew their sitters from the First Nations, Chinese and "White" communities.  These remarkable intimate portraits are unique in representing the mixing of cultures in a small frontier town.