White Car

2 image white car

The White brothers of Cleveland Ohio started manufacturing steam powered automobiles in 1901. They switched to gasoline power in 1911. During WW1 they manufactured a successful line of heavy vehicles and decided to cease production of passenger cars and concentrate on trucks and specialized vehicles. Therefore this 1911 automobile is one of a very limited production run.

It started life as a 7 passenger touring car and operated as a stage running between Quesnel and Barkerville in the 1920s. After an accident which destroyed the car's body, it was salvaged by Johnston Bros. Garage. Emile Staebler purchased it and used it to power farm equipment on his property south of Quesnel during the 1930s. It lay abandoned on his farm for over twenty years until it was purchased. Robert Beaton restored it as a 5 passenger speedster in 1968. He participated in a number of antique car tours with the vehicle and eventually sold it to the British Columbia Museum of Transportation Science and Industry. This museum was closed by the provincial government and the car was transferred to our museum in 1993.