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Dakelh Nelamuk ‘ink’ez yunk’ut
(Medicinal Plants)

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Chundoo dzeh - Lodgepole Pine is locally known as Jack Pine. Its sap is considered a delicacy or just for eating. We use a scraper and scrap the bottom of inner bark for eating. The inner bark is good for colds. We use pitch gum from pine tree for open sores and infection. The pitch taken from the tree was mixed with bear grease, melted and while still warm placed on the infected area for a few days with gauze or piece of cloth. We also used pitch gum for pain on broken bones, or sore backs. Again you melt the pitch and put on a huge cloth and then put on the sore back or broken bones.

K’i – Birch tree, our people used the sap of a birch tree for colds, pain and headache. The first layer closer to the tree under the birch bark is boiled and taken by the teaspoon for headache. (Not too much) We used the birch bark for “Tilh” birch baskets, for picking berries and cooking. Birch bark was also used for birch bark canoes. The paper of the birch tree was used by our native people to light fires. The birch tree bark was used for someone with a broken leg; the birch bark was used to set the broken bones. You take the top birch off a birch tree and set on the broken leg and set the birch on fire while it is on the leg and it should set as hard as a cast.

Tsitel - Cottonwood tree was used to make dug out canoes. A person would work long and hard to make the canoe, but our people did not think anything of it and when they finished using it, it was just left at the place where they were at the time.

Ts’oochun latoh - Buds are on top of a spruce tree and used to cure sore throats. You pick the buds and just put it in your mouth and suck on it. You can also boil the buds and drink like you would tea.

K’entsi - Red willow, the bark of the red willow shavings is used for itches and skin problems. Boil the shavings of the red willow just like tea and take a bath in it. It is also used for sling shots and bow and arrow.

Click on a category to find out how the Carrier People used:
Trees · Bark · Bushes · Berries · Plants


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